Prezzo refers to Ex-wife Daisy as family

Even after separating with his wife Daisy Kiplagat, Prezzo still refers to her as family. Prezzo who is representing Kenya in the Big Brother Africa Star game was bragging about his wife and daughter to frenemy and housemate Barbz from South Africa. Prezzo came down hard on Barbz about her age and about not having a family or a career at 34. He claimed that Barbz was in denial and had to be real with herself and leave the House to work on getting married and having kids before she turns 35. Barbz just sat there sarcastically cheering Prezzo on as he dissected her. “Go Prezzo, go Prezzo,” she said as she listened to Prezzo tear her apart. Prezzo went on to brag about his wife and daughter during another presentation for his housemates and even showed off photo’s of Daisy and their daughter Zahrie Bhoke. This comes as a suprise as most fans expected that he would be referring to his new girlfriend Joy Wanjohi but surprisingly he has not brought up her name.

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