John De’ Mathew and other Kikuyu Musicians accussed of hate speech

John De' Mathew accused alonside kamande wa kioi, muigai wa njoroge and kihiko by national cohesion and integration commission (NCIC)John De’ Mathew, a popular Kikuyu artiste alongside other musicians Kamande wa Kioi, Muigai wa Njoroge and Kihiko to face hate speech accusations. The National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) has flagged their songs as “hate speech” and are currently investigating them. The songs had been forwarded to a certified translator before they can take action.
The four musicians, De’ Mathew, Kamande wa Kioi, Mugai wa Njoroge and Kihiko are popular live performers in many clubs and very popular among the Kikuyu tribe. The songs under investigation are, ‘Mwaka wa Hiti‘ (The year of the Hyena) by DeMathew, ‘Hague bound’ by Muigai wa Njoroge and Kihiko and ‘Uhuru ni Witu’ (Uhuru is ours)by Kamande wa Kioi. They songs are said to be against ODM’s Raila Ondinga, a presidential contender in the forthcoming general election.
NCIC is following the mater with media council to establish whether the songs are played on radio station to take action against them as well

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  1. They have however been cleared. Ukabila itatumaliza

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