Githae son commits suicide at home

Finance minister Njeru Githae’s son committed suicide in his father’s residence in Runda on Wednesday evening. Brian Karanga Njeru, a fourth year computer science student at the University of Nairobi’s Chiromo campus was last seen on Tuesday at around midday when he left the residence to go for a haircut. Karanga, the last born in a family of three, was driving in a family car, but no one saw him when he came back. On Wednesday the family got concerned since he could not be seen anywhere but the vehicle was parked within the compound. Check compound They tried calling him but his phone went unanswered. He was also not in his room and this prompted the family driver Benson Kioko to check within the compound. Kioko realised that the door to the gym was locked from inside but became suspicious when after knocking the door no one responded. On peeping through the key hole they only saw the family’s house help’s blue slippers inside. They forced the door open and saw the body of the 24-year-old dangling from a rope. The body was transferred to the Lee Funeral Home on Wednesday night. Though initial reports to the police indicated that the deceased had committed suicide, the family through their spokesman Dr Peter Githae maintained that he was found dead in his room, and were only waiting for the postmortem results to ascertain the cause of death. “Brian was found dead in his room on Wednesday, but we do not as yet know the cause of death, but a postmortem will be done to establish the cause of death,” he said. He described the incident as very shocking news to the family and urged the media to let the matter rest until the real cause of death was established. However, the postmortem conducted yesterday by pathologist Dr Peter Ngegwa confirmed that the deceased committed suicide by hanging himself. According to the report made at the Runda police station (OB25/16/5/2012 at 6.36pm) by the minister’s driver Mr Kioko, they found Brian’s body dangling from a rope inside the family gym that is located at the basement of the residence. Gigiri deputy OCPD and the CID boss visited the scene and later reported that preliminary investigations did show that it was a case of suicide. A sombre mood engulfed the residence in Runda as friends and relatives drove in and out of the compound, after thorough screening, to console the family. However, neither the minister nor his wife was seen around. Police spokesman Eric Kiraithe was not willing to comment much, only saying that “it is a private matter and let us give the family time to mourn their beloved one in peace”. At the minister’s rural home in Kagio, Kirinyaga, emotions ran high as workers told of how they learnt of the sad news with great shock. As news spread, the workers abandoned their work as they tried to come to terms with the death of the 24-year-old university student. A house-help, Ms Judy Wairimu, 40, said she received the shocking report from one of the minister’s family members. “At first I could not believe that the minister’s son had died until more calls started coming,” she told the Nation as tears rolled down her cheeks. Ms Wairimu who has worked at the minister’s home for three years described the young man as lively and loving. “He was a jolly man and loved everybody,” she said adding that the family had lost a good son. “We used to chat with him freely when he is at home, and we liked him so much,” he said. Source

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