Prof Saitoti and Ojode may have been assassinated by drug cartels, MP’s reveal

saitoti and Ojode amy have been killed by drug cartels in the chopper crashThe parliament had a heated debate over the death of the former security minister Prof George Saitoti and his assistant Orwa Ojode alongside their bodyguards Thomas Murimi and Joshua Tonkei and pilots Nancy Gituanja and Luke Oyugi.
The government was taken to task over its frustration on the investigating team. Hon Kimunya acting as deputy leader of government business in the house found himself on the receiving end when his transport ministry was accused of impeding investigation as well as taking the issue lightly. Nominated MP Hon Rachel Shebesh revealed that she has a lot of information to give about the chopper crash but due to its sensitivity she could only do that under a parliamentary select committee. Hon Martha Karua requested the deputy speaker to accord Hon Shebesh with security until there is the formation of the select committee.
Hon Shebesh was responding after Makandara MP Hon Mike Sonko revealed that member of the house as well as junior police officers have lost their lives due to fighting drug trafficking issues. Sonko tabled a report from Eldoret magistrate court to show that GSU officer Erastus Chemorei was murdered by his colleagues because of having a key to a warehouse that stored the Ksh 6.4 billion cocaine got in Malindi who despite the report recommending their prosecution, Chemorei killers have been promoted to higher offices by the government.
Hon Harun Mwau on his part, accused the government of “telling Kenyans who are not drug traffickers and not saying who are”. He went on to add that because Prof Saitoti and Ojode had brought many reports to parliament regarding drug trafficking, perhaps they could have been eliminated for that reason

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