Prepare to retire, Mudavadi tells PM Odinga

Deputy Prime Minister Musalia Mudavadi on Sunday asked Prime Minister Raila Odinga to prepare for retirement. “According to the Constitution, President Kibaki is supposed to retire and since we in a coalition government, the two principals should retire together in solidarity for Kenyans to have a fresh start,” Mr Mudavadi said in Nakuru where he held his first presidential campaign rally since he left ODM to join United Democratic Front (UDF) - under whose ticket he intends to use to vie for the top seat. He said the mood of the country is for the two principals to go. Read (Raila and Mudavadi allies clash as rivalry plays out) “You should reject Raila at the ballot box so that he can retire together with his coalition partner (President Kibaki) as people want to bring in freshness in local politics and break from the past,” he told thousands of supporters who attended his rally at Afraha Stadium. President Kibaki has already promised to hand-over power to whoever will win in the forthcoming General Election. In a rejoinder, Mr Odinga through a statement from his President Secretariat office said: “If there is any “wrong” the premier has previously committed, it has been to redeem and polish up a conservative ingrate who had been dumped into the dustbin of history and given him a fresh lease of political life,” the statement signed by Barrack Muluka said. Mr Odinga said he has history of struggle for the country’s liberation, which culminated into the new Constitution and described Mr Mudavadi’s legacy as “scripted in the Goldenberg Scandal and in recent times in the graveyard scandal.” The PM asked his former ally to thank the heroes of democracy “that they can today prance around freely, enjoying freedom that others were detained to bring, while others were killed for it”. He said they intend to unveil this man Mudavadi, from August 1982, when he was a student at the University of Nairobi to-date. Mr Odinga is also in the presidential race and his rivalry with Mr Mudavadi has started playing out since the latter decided to abandon ODM. On Saturday, supporters of the two leaders tried to outshine each during a funeral of Mzee Jason Omwera Muhoro, the father of Nairobi mayor, George Aladawa – disrupting the ceremony. Mr Mudavadi who received a hero’s welcome in Nakuru described the incident as sad and blamed it on PM Odinga alleging that he had ferried the youths who caused the chaos from Nairobi’s Kibera slum. “I am appealing to the security agencies to step-up their surveillance and intelligence to avoid such incidents in future,” the Sabatia MP told journalists at Rift Valley Sports Club where he addressed a press conference before attending a church service at ACK Cathedral. He appealed to the police to arrest the youths and prosecute them. Mr Mudavadi said they had chosen Nakuru to launch UDF party since the County, which is most cosmopolitan in the country was the epicentre of 2007 post-election chaos. “After this meeting we want to go and tell other Kenyans that people of Nakuru have agreed to live together and they will never fight again,” he told the cheering crowd. Source:

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