Entertainment industry turning down very special talents

Could you be that special local talent that the industry has been turning down? Well one does not need to be a rocket scientist to get this research done. The Kenyan entertainment industry would be said to be coming up but  not the way it is supposed to. This can be disputed especially by those who belong to the “qualified league” but I am well aware where I am putting my fingers. So sad but very true, the industry has been for the “who is who” and those directly connected with the “who is who”. Our research tends to bend more on the local soap operas and movies.
We all agree that some of the characters in those soaps have no idea what acting is. Some of them are very down such that it is so obvious they are acting. We have all seen these people call for auditions but all they do is turn away deserving talents and pick even worse than they already had. In as much as these people look for beauty, this just spoils the collection if no traces of talent can be spotted. For those who watch NTV, Mali is a good programme but so much is wrong. Names of a few actors without talent will be spared for today. Everybody would keep watching the program because good talents like Usha exists. If you are one of these special talents out there, then let us join hands and carry this campaign forward. The industry is ours and we should not let it collapse as we watch. We can always do something. Yes, we can.

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